EU4EU internship experiences during COVID-19: Babrik

EU4EU internship experiences during COVID-19: Babrik

Babrik Kushwaha is a Nepali student who recently complete his Masters in European and International Affairs from the University of Lille. He carried out his internship in Vienna from February to August 2020, which caused him to spend the lockdown in a foreign city.

When he arrived in Vienna at the beginning of February, the lockdown was not implemented yet, and he was able to go to the office, meet his coworkers and get started on his activities. Only 10 days later, the government declared the first national lockdown, but despite that, Babrik chose to stay in Vienna.

His Host Organization, the Institute of the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM), didn’t stop their activities and adapted them to an online format. Babrik highlights the role of IDM during his traineeship, “they kept me informed of every new measure and helped me with everything they could during my time in Vienna”, he explains.

Babrik shares his experience and how carrying and internship during a lockdown in a foreign city was for him, here is the video with the interview.

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