European Generation

is a non profit association founded in 2015:

to promote the transnational mobility of young people and the transition between training and work, enhancing human and professional attitudes and skills

to train and support the community in accessing EU funding to stimulate local growth in an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive way and to overcome the economic and social imbalances between the regions

to feed the feeling of European citizenship based on the principles of solidarity, non-discrimination, equal opportunities, respect for the human person and social inclusion

to affirm the right to culture, education and lifelong learning with a view to transnational cooperation.


EU4EU is the EuGen Program that promotes internships and collaborations in Europe through an international network of students, universities and companies


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The association is open to anyone who shares solidarity principles. All those who recognize themselves in the STATUTE and intend to collaborate for the achievement of the social purpose can be part of the association in an unlimited number. Both natural persons, legal persons and de facto associations may apply for membership, by submitting a request to the Board of Directors of EuGen (