EU4EU European network is here!

EU4EU European network is here!

Good news for all Organizations registered in EuGen Platform (, you don’t need to send any information to participate to our projects, because we will keep your registration for the projects to come! If you are not registered you can do it, write us at

We remind you that in 2014 EuGen designed “Universities for EU projects” with the support of EPA – European Projects Association, to build a Consortium of Italian Universities, coordinated by Send, to jointly manage internships abroad. After 3 years of acting as Intermediary Organization, EuGen is NOT participating to the next edition of “Universities for EU projects”, nor EPA – European Projects Association will collaborate with Send anymore.

EuGen and EPA are now launching EU4EU (European Universities for the EU), a state-of-the-art evolution of the previous experience, and we are very excited and proud to say this is going far beyond! EU4EU European network will includes a new Consortium of Italian Universities (coordinator  University Sapienza of Rome, pending accreditation), the Spanish Consortium (coordinator Campus Iberus, accredited in 2017) and the Croatian one (coordinator Informo, accredited in 2017). So far 35 sending Universities across Europe joined the network to send their students for 2 to 6 months internships, with focus on EU funding. The network is constantly growing, in fact, next year Consortia of French and Portuguese Universities will join!

EuGen IT consultant developed a Software management tool tailor made; we are connecting and sharing best practice among different national Consortia as recommended by the Erasmus + programme for 2018 to develop and adopt efficient mobility management tools.

EU4EU European network gathers Universities, companies and organizations, students and professionals, to trigger synergies and develop partnerships for European projects, going beyond the meeting of supply and demand for traineeship, to aim at the very creation of employment.

As Host Organization you would become part of this wider international community, the EU4EU network, connected through a social ecosystem that starts from the project management platform, to branch off through the main social networks. If you wish more information visit and contact us at

We count on your presence to host our trainees but also to be part of our European network EU4EU. Stay tuned, follow us on EuGen – EuropeanGeneration, we have great plans ahead!