“Don’t create stories, just tell them”

Diego, 29, photographer, Spanish


“Bad moments make you stronger man”

“In this video I want to show to other people how we can live together easily and peacefully”

Abdo, 20, computer system engineering, Syrian in the UK


“What make us unique as human beings is our differences. We are the present and future”.

Baraa, 33, actor, interpreter and activist, Syrian in the UK


“Always tell yourself you can make it!”

“I can say now I feel happy. This is a wonderful opportunity to express myself”.

Gift, 21, drama and media student, Nigerian in Italy


”In this video we can show how to live with others and respect others. We can all be refugees one day”

Fatih, 22, Law student, Turkish


”I’m happy to be here, I want to meet people from other countries, this is a good opportunity for me and for us all ”

Nermin, 24, Industry and Engineering graduate, Turkish


”Being with people from different countries gives me the opportunity to travel by listening to their stories.

“From our perspective the see is where you go to swim and catch sun, for someone else is where you go to find a new life, taking the risk to die.”

Oriana, 27, social worker and intercultural mediator, Italian


“It’s all about finding your people, cultural barriers don’t have any meaning.”

Sara, 24, University students, English


”I want to use my information, my techniques and my talents to help make a good short movie and try to change people’s mind regarding migration and refugees.”

Eric, 24, audio-visual producer, Argentinian in Spain


”My nationality is Turkish, but we all have ancestors from different cultural backgrounds. So our culture isn’t only about the country we are born in.”

Beyza, 28, graphic designer, Turkish


”This short movie gives us the opportunity to know the different situations that people around the world are living of which we aren’t aware.”

Marta, 22, University student, Spanish


‘I don’t have only one nationality, because I’ve got a feet in Tunisia and one in Italy”

Asma, 28, Intercultural mediator and University student, Italian


”While I was living in London I shared an apartment with my roommates of different nationalities and I learnt that borders aren’t important.”

Diego, 29, photographer, Spanish


”We are not people from specific different countries, we are all the same, so we must show the world we can all live in peace as a community”

Sara, 24, University student, Spain


”I really like to work with people of different countries. In this short we are all sharing this amazing experience and enlarging our knowledge”

Murat, 24, Web developer, Turkish