We are open and ready to receive expressions of interest to share the spaces of our headquarters with organizations and/or professionals.

EuGen invites coworkers with useful skills in the development of projects in line with EuGen activities, including European design, web design, web development, graphic design, communication strategy, marketing, translations, training, video making, etc.

The idea is to gather a team of professionals who, while maintaining an independent activity, are involved in projects that require different skills, in order to share a space, divide consumption and costs related to its use and at the same time allow networking and the creation of job opportunities.

Coworkers have the opportunity to introduce themselves during “diffuse advice” events open to other coworkers and the public. They can make their services known, attract new customers and at the same time get to know other professionals. Coworkers enter the EuGen community (EU4EU) which includes hundreds of users from universities, young professionals and organizations across Europe.

The coworking is located in a space of about 100 square meters divided into a large room with 6 stations, one with 4 stations and a meeting room. The office has an equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms and is surrounded by 400 square meters of equipped garden and is bike-friendly. It is located in the Montagnola area, VIII Municipality of Rome. Those interested can send an email to info@eu-gen.org or call 3388619924.