EuGen (European Generation) is an association of Social Promotion set up to support local communities in the process of European integration, and strengthen social, human and civil rights.

Based in Rome and London EuGen works with European partners to develop international initiatives for the social and working inclusion of vulnerable migrants and for students, with social benefits and scalable impact for the whole community.

EuGen employs young professionals who have grown up and trained in Europe. They share the same values that the EU subscribes to, such as mobility, sustainability, social inclusion and technological progress, to ensure its growth and bridge the development gap that still exists between different European regions.

President of EuGen is Francesca Romana Zotta. She relies on her background in human rights, experience in public policies for migrants reception and integration, skills in accessing European funding and a personal tale as professional willing to have an impact on the community in a smart, inclusive and sustainable way.

EuGen is Territorial Contact Point of European Projects Association – EPA. EPA is an international non profit and politically independent organization based in Bruxelles, focused on research and development, innovation and internationalization. EPA supports the goals of European projects stakeholders to foster development, effective implementation and efficient dissemination of EU projects, through the use of innovative information and communication technologies

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